Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thanks for following and praying in the journey of our two miracle babies. Our journey to conceive these little girls was a wild ride and now our NICU roller coaster ride is even crazier. Our girls decided to make a surprise entrance into the world 15 weeks early after a perfect pregnancy. Rylee Diane and Jordan Grace both weighed 1 lb 12 oz. Jordan spent 96 days in the hospital before coming home. She had a rough start and had to have a PDA ligation surgery when she was only 10 days old. She suffered from chronic lung disease and was placed on a high frequency ventilator for three weeks. She was ventilated for eight and a half weeks total and slowly progressed enough to come home on a nasal cannula. She has been home with us since 3/26/09. Rylee Diane has had a rough start to life as well. When she was 11 days old she contracted MRSA in the NICU and was really close to going to the lord on New Years Day. This will be a day that Troy and I will never forget. Since this awful day she has had trouble with her airway and chronic lung disease. She has had four chest tubes, several incidents of coding and requiring chest compressions, two broviac catheters placed in her jugular veins, a feeding tube placed into her stomach, and most recently a tracheostomy. It's amazing how much fight these little girls have in them. I know when Rylee battles through all of these things and grows up that it won't be surprising for her to be the first female Division 1 middle linebacker. I have created this blog to keep all our amazing friends, families, and co-workers updated on our little princesses.