Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

We loved every minute of taking the girls trick or treating tonight. They seemed like they knew what they were doing and made themselves at home at every house we went to. We only took them to a few friends houses around Baldwin and then we went to Wellsville to see nanny MiMi and our old night nurse Tamera. I got a call on Friday that they could get Rylee in for a swallow study so we jumped on it as she was not scheduled until February. It was a nightmare and Ry wanted nothing to do with drinking anything. They strap her down to a chair and then close her in with the x-ray machine and she was terrified. She screamed the entire time and even held her breath for most of it. They didn't get too much information from the study but did feel comfortable with us not thickening her fluids as much as we were. She is now on the same consistency that she came home from the NICU on. We will keep her on this and hopefully after cold and flu season is thru we will try some thin liquids. I took he to her pre-op and ENT appointment on Monday and she weighed in at 22 pounds and is 30 3/4 inches long. She will have her bronch on Thursday and if all looks well they will hopefully close up her trach opening. She still has stuff come out of it and we have to cover it for baths so that will be nice if they can get it closed. This will be her 7th time going under anesthesia since December so we are ready to get this over with. The nurse looked at her records and she went under anesthesia for either her bronchs or her surgeries 6 times in 6 months so she is a pro at it. I reminded them that she will need some extra sedation as she does not like waking up. She is our little champ and I know she will do fine. We had a loss in our family today and it saddens us that the girls will not get to know their Aunt Elaine. Troy's aunt passed away today in Sedan, Ks so we will attend her funeral on Tuesday. It is about a 3 hour drive so hopefully the girls don't mind the drive. We took the girls to the Kansas City Zoo yesterday with my mom, sister and nephew. The place was packed and we didn't get to see as many animals as we would have liked. It was nice being outside and enjoying the weather with the girls. The have been in the same room for a week now and so far it is going very well. Their naps are just a little bit shorter but they are sleeping in which is very nice. Jordan actually slept 14 hours last night. I think we wore her out at the zoo. We put the girls in the same Hooters outfits as last year and they still fit. I am sure they will fit next year too.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

22 Months

Our little girls turned 22 months on the 20th. I am taking Rylee to CMH to meet with the ENT office and the Pre-Op to get ready for her bronch that she is having on 11/4/10. Tiny K will be here tomorrow afternoon as well so a busy day for us. We finally moved Jordan's crib into Rylee's room and cleaned out all the medical items that Rylee no longer needs. It no longer looks like a NICU and we have our nursery back.We moved a lot of their toys to the room as well so now our family room as a little more room to walk around in it. They had a hard time getting to sleep for their naps and then didn't sleep long at all. We are hoping they adjust and don't wake each other up. They actually slept in until 9:00 and 9:30 today so that was very nice. We met up with our photographer at Shawnee Mission Park on Saturday morning to get some Fall family pictures taken. It was really windy and our hair was flying everywhere so not sure how they will turn out. I know she got some cute pictures of the girls. They did pretty good but didn't participate as much as I would have liked. We are excited to take them Trick or Treating next weekend so stay tuned for some cute pictures.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Funday

Not much new going on with us this week. I took the girls to get their flu shots on Friday and that wasn't too exciting for either one of them. It was a bit difficult trying to console them after their shots but we made it through it until next year. The doctor resubmitted their information to the insurance company as he thinks it is very important that they get qualified for their synagis (RSV) again this year. We should know something soon as they should be getting the shot very soon. After seeing them get the flu vaccination I am not too sure I want to see them get the synagis shot every 28 to 30 days again. Troy was out of town this weekend for a wedding and I managed the household quite well without too many problems. We did miss our dishwasher (Troy) though. I took the girls to the Maple Leaf festival and ordered their shirts for their 2nd Birthday. I can't believe in two months they will be 2! Then today we went to the festival with my sister and nephew. The girls were very well behaved even though we ran into their nap time. These girls don't like to miss their naps and usually ask to go to sleep. They usually go to bed around 7:00 to 7:30 every night. They have turned into great sleepers and I am not complaining.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another Pumpkin patch

We have had a very busy weekend. I took the girls to Lebo on Friday night for the Homecoming football game as my nephew was a homecoming king candidate. We started the evening at the local diner and the girls did great. We discovered that Jordan loves pickles and lemons. Troy went to the NBA game that night so I was on my own. We took the girls to the pumpkin patch outside of Lawrence today with my family and it was a great time. Nothing too exciting for us this week. I just scheduled Rylee's bronch for 11/4. They just need to make sure she doesn't have any scar tissue forming around her trachea and vocal cords. They can also look at her vocal cords to see if they are moving properly. She is still pretty quiet when she talks. She does like to repeat a lot of words and her favorite word is purple. I guess she is going to be a K-State fan. We love being able to hear her voice and I can hardly remember those 18 months not being able to hear her voice at all. Jordan's favorite word is O Sh--! I haven't heard it as much but it was pretty regular for quite awhile. Tiny K was here a couple weeks ago and we got another good report with them. Thanks Ashley for always making me feel like our girls are doing awesome. It is reassuring hearing how well they are doing.