Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day pics

I was able to take Valentine's Day off to go to their party at school. After the party we went and took balloons to daddy for Valentine's Day. I think we surprised him just a little bit. The girls went bowling for the first time today to celebrate Jake's 4th Birthday. We have big news in the potty training department: Ry went #2!! She just came up to me on Friday and said she had to go and boy did she! No luck since then but I am sure she is getting it figured out.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 12th

We are having a very relaxing weekend and waiting for the big snow storm to hit tonight. We took the girls out to dinner on Friday night here in Baldwin to celebrate and early Valentine's Day. They each got a carnation flower and some chocolate and were pretty happy. I am taking them to school on Tuesday so I can go to their Valentines party and looking forward to seeing them play with their friends. There are now 15 kids in their class compared to 9 when they started school. We will probably enroll them back in this preschool for next year and then maybe look into the school districts all day 4 year old program once they turn 4. They seem to really like their school and the teachers are so good with them. Ry still hasn't had any luck going #2 in the potty chair yet so hoping she can get it down soon. She has even been bribed with a disney princess castle if she starts going #2 in the potty instead of her diaper at nap and night time. Jordy has the opposite problem and likes to see how many time she can go #2 in the potty chair. Troy has one more week of basketball and we are looking forward to him being home a little more in the evenings and I will put him back in charge of our evening meals. The girls have been eating like champs lately and have even gained some weight. Maybe one of these days they will hit 30 pounds and we can get rid of the 18 month pants.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jordy is potty trained!

I am proud to say that Jordan is officially potty trained in all departments. She is still wearing a diaper at night time but other than that she doesn't have any accidents. We have been working on potty training for a month now and can't believe she has it down already. Rylee is doing very well but has occasional accidents and has only done business #2 once in the toilet. Both girls even went to the restroom in public this weekend. I will say it is a lot of work getting two girls in and out of the restroom. I took them to a birthday party at the same place they had their birthday party and they had a blast. Jordy has definitely came out of her shell as she was right up with the birthday boy trying to open his presents. The girls are doing good sleeping in their beds but they seem to have a little harder of a time falling asleep. We get to hear plenty of singing, laughing, and talking before they finally fall asleep. I will try to post some pictures later tonight.