Sunday, September 25, 2011


Ry's surgery has been scheduled for 10/7/11 and doctors from the ENT and surgery clinic will be able to perform both surgeries on the same day. I am really glad they were able to get these scheduled together and even happier that it was scheduled on one of my days off from work. We will go meet with anaesthesia on Friday and she will get her physical on that day as well. I have been telling her that the doctor is going to fix her "ouchies". I still can't believe this will be her 10th surgery since her NICU release and 15th surgery of her little life. That is not even counting all 4 of her chest tube procedures that have left some nice scars on her sides. She is star of the week this week for preschool and I loved writing a little bit about her on her poster. I took Jordan to school on Thursday and it was actually the first day that she has had absolutely no tears during the day or at drop off or at pick up time. We went up to a softball game yesterday and there was a little boy from their school there as well and it was really cute seeing the girls interact with him. Tiny K was here on Friday and we are really sad that this was one of the last visits we had with our case worker. She has been with us since we brought Rylee home so we have really gotten to know her very well. I am going to call the school district this next week and get a 3 year old assessment. We are pretty sure they will not qualify for any type of services but want to just get them assessed just flagged in case they need need services later on. They will do a hearing test so that is good for Jordan since she still hasn't passed any of her hearing test.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

We celebrated Troy's birthday this weekend and we loved hearing the girls tell him Happy Birthday. I took the girls to CMH on Friday for Rylee's appointments in the ENT clinic and surgery clinic and now we just need both clinics to get together and schedule her surgeries. She will have her g tube site sewn shut and then the ENT doctor will do some work on her trach site to clean the scar tissue up. The surgeries won't be too complicated but still no fun for Rylee. We will have to go back and see the pre op team before so hopefully this will be our last few visits to CMH. Preschool is still going well and we are down to Jordan only crying for a minute or so when the nanny drops her off. Hopefully this week she will start to warm up more and not be so upset about going to school. They both talk about school and their teachers so I know they are enjoying it. I have to work late on Thursday so I will drop the girls off for school and I am looking forward to seeing all the kids and talking with the teachers some more.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Webb girls

The girls have been to preschool 3 times now and so far so good. Jordan is still crying off and on during the day but the teacher said it was only during transition from one activity to another. I ran into to the assistant teacher on Thursday and she let me know that the girls are doing great. I guess Rylee is quite the know it all and answers all the questions. She was surprised that she knows all of her colors, shapes, numbers, and the alphabet. We are truly amazed with these girls. They are starting to talk in full sentences and I love it! We still haven't had much luck with the potty training. Rylee has went on the potty chair two times so far. We are not pushing it and just introducing it to them so hopefully one day they will surprise us with wanting to be potty trained.

Thanks Uncle Lee and Aunt Nancy for the feathers and tinsel. We were in Burlington yesterday and Aunt Kayla and Aunt Kim were very excited about getting the girls some feathers in their hair. They think they are pretty hot stuff.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bee ginner preschool

The girls start school on Thursday and so far it has went much better than I expected. When we walked in the door Ry went right in and started playing with the toys and Jordy didn't get too far from me. I talked to the teachers just briefly and as Jordy was sitting down playing with play dough I walked out and no tears on either part. I came home to an empty house and just enjoyed my morning off from work. Troy came with me to pick them up and as they opened the door Jordy came running out with the saddest cry ever! She went right past me and straight to her daddy. The teacher let us know that she had a few sad moments and would cry for me and they would find something for her to do and she would be fine. I asked them today if they were ready for school and they both said "stay home". I think we are in trouble! It has been a long nice enjoyable weekend. Troy went on an overnight golfing trip and I went to Roeland Park, Ks yesterday to visit with my best friend from Fort Collins. I took the girls shopping for a little bit and that didn't go too well. All they want to do is shop for Thomas the train stuff. We are thinking about going to the Renaissance Festival tomorrow.