Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our Christmas Miracles

Can you tell they love Mickey Mouse?
Jordan trying to get daddy from holding her up.

Rylee standing and cute as ever

I love this picture.

This is how we find Jordan when she wakes up.
Rylee watching Mickey Mouse.
Poor Jordan had to wear just a diaper because she was so hot.

After I posted last week our little Jordan got much worse. She developed a 103.3 temp and her heart rate was over 180. I panicked as I thought I overdosed her with motrin and tylenol so I called the on call nurse. She let me know that her heart rate was so high because of her temp and to give her motrin or tylenol every three hours. We made it through the night and I took her to the doctor on Monday. Her little cold turned into double ear infection. This explains why she hadn't slept in days. She was one miserable little girl and could only sleep an hour or two here an there. She had to have the meds every three hours for four days and she wasn't too pleased with us. She quickly learned how to spit it out and not allow any to enter her mouth. She even turns her head when we give her bottle now. I have to take her back on Thursday to see how everything looks. The PA that was at the doctor's office was amazed that this was the first time she has been to the doctor for an illness and not just a check up. She thought she looked great and was surprised when I told her she was a 25 week old preemie. The girls had their RSV (synagis) vaccines on Wednesday and that was quite a zoo. Our poor nurse and nanny will not want to be here for the next round. Jordan weighed 17 lb 1 oz and Rylee weighed 16 lb 8 oz. Rylee is going to catch up to her sister very soon. Rylee is getting 5 1/2 ounces 6 times a day and Jordan is barely drinking 5 ounces 5 times a day. Jordan does take in more baby food than Rylee so that will keep her gaining too. Two weeks from today these girls will be ONE!!! I am already experiencing some emotions just thinking about it. The tears are already flowing! Hopefully I have it under control before their birthday. We took some Christmas pictures this weekend so enjoy. The girls looked adorable. I wanted to leave the dresses on them all day, but they were too fascinated with them so we took them off.


  1. Jordan sounds like my Riley. Last Monday he woke up with a temp of 104.2!!!! Poor guy had a double ear infection. He's just now starting to feel better. We go in for tubes on the 14th!

    Your girls are just precious, and I LOVE those dresses!

  2. Kari,
    I love the pictures. The girls look so cute in their red dresses. You are truly blessed