Sunday, April 18, 2010

19 pounders

Jordan one year ago.

Rylee went from this to the picture below in a matter of hours. So sad.

My future is too bright!

Get out of there Rylee.

Jordan isn't too big yet either.

We have a couple of 19 pounders as of Thursday. We took them for their check up with their pediatrician. They were both a little over 29 inches long. On the 25 week adjusted scale Jordan is in the 17 % for weight, 64 % in height, and 31% for her head circumference. Rylee is in the 17 % for weight, 55 % for height, and 76 % for head circumference. On the regular scale both girls are in the 3 % for weight. They are the scale and that is all that matters. Jordan only gained 15 ounces during the last three months but the doctor didn't seem too concerned as she is growing length wise very well. Rylee gained a pound and a half during the last three months so she is doing fine as well. The girls had to get two of their 15 month vaccinations and will get another one in three months. The doctor let me know again that they look so much better than when we first brought them in to see him. He did let me know that he has hospitalized several kids recently with respiratory issues and a few with RSV. I recently read about two kids ages 4 and 5 that came close to dying because of RSV. They were micro preemies like the girls so this has me so worried. I can't wait for the day that I don't have to worry if the girls are going to get sick. I did take Jordan to a wedding shower on Saturday and I was so shocked at how well she did. She wasn't too shy and even showed off her walking skills. She tried stealing one of my aunt's cake so I let her have a few bites of mine and she loved it. I was really sad that I couldn't take Rylee and hated leaving her at home. She had a good day with daddy and took a three hour nap while we were gone. I don't think she knew what to do with it being so quiet in the house. We have to take Rylee in on Wednesday for a special care appointment and then she has to see anesthesia as well. On Thursday she is having another bronchoscopy to get more of an idea of what kind of reconstructive surgery she is going to have done in May. We have Tiny K here on Tuesday so it is going to be a busy week. As of Friday, Rylee has had her trach in for exactly one year. We are so ready for her to get it removed as it is becoming harder and harder having her have to rely on this to breathe. We are still raising money for the March of Dimes and I am so pleased with how much money we have raised. We have not been able to get our shirts ordered as the company that is making them has been out of the shop. I am pretty sure we can still get them ordered this week in time for our big walk on 5/1/10.

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