Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I have been off since Wednesday and it feels like I still need some time off to recover from our road trips. We went to Americus, Ks on Thursday and had lunch with my dad's side of the family and then I came straight home and went out shopping. I got the girls a few good deals on Christmas presents so couldn't pass them up. We left early Friday morning for Sedan, Ks and stopped off on the way to visit with a few of Troy's friends. We stayed the night with Grandma Webb and this was the firs time the girls have spent that much time with their other grandma. They couldn't quite understand why we were not going to my mom's house when we told them we were staying with Grandma Webb. The girls did really good sleeping and I was surprised they didn't wake up too much. We went to Fall River, Ks on Saturday for lunch with his mother's side of the family and then took off shortly after lunch to head back for Baldwin. We had to be up at a fundraiser for the pre-school and the girls even got to do some Christmas shopping for mom and dad and each other. The presents are wrapped and under the tree and so far they haven't opened them yet.

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