Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jordy is potty trained!

I am proud to say that Jordan is officially potty trained in all departments. She is still wearing a diaper at night time but other than that she doesn't have any accidents. We have been working on potty training for a month now and can't believe she has it down already. Rylee is doing very well but has occasional accidents and has only done business #2 once in the toilet. Both girls even went to the restroom in public this weekend. I will say it is a lot of work getting two girls in and out of the restroom. I took them to a birthday party at the same place they had their birthday party and they had a blast. Jordy has definitely came out of her shell as she was right up with the birthday boy trying to open his presents. The girls are doing good sleeping in their beds but they seem to have a little harder of a time falling asleep. We get to hear plenty of singing, laughing, and talking before they finally fall asleep. I will try to post some pictures later tonight.

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