Sunday, July 19, 2009

7 months


Our little angels will be seven months old tomorrow. My first week back to work went okay. I did come home Monday with a very bad headache from all the stress of getting back to work. I am trying to just take one day at a time and slowly get back into the work mode. My mind was on the girls alot and a few phone calls were made home daily to see how things were going. I did panic when I found out that every offender I supervise knows about the girls. The type of offenders I supervise do not need to know about my personal life so I was a little disappointed that someone told the offenders about the girls. We had Grandma Bitler, Aunt Kim and cousin Eli here for the weekend and I think the girls had enough paparazzi in their home. We had alot of fun dressing the girls up and taking some pictures. Tiny K was here on Tuesday and gave us the okay to start giving Rylee a few milliters from a bottle if she is awake and alert. She hasn't seemed too interested when I have offerred her the bottle, but her day nurse has gotten her to take a few milliters with no problems. We are very lucky to have such great nurses working with Rylee. She now has three permanant nurses that all do a great job with her. We were patient with the agency and we feel very comfortable with the care Rylee is receiving. She is starting to grab at her toys alot more and thanks to cousin Eli we have alot more toys in the house. Jordan is doing good with no thickner in her bottle and has been sleeping through the night for the past few weeks. On her belly of coarse! Since the day Jordan rolled over by herself we haven't been able to keep her on her back. She even likes to be on her belly during playtime. The girls both have appointments with the pediatrician on Thursday and I am going to leave it up to daddy and the nurse to take them. I think Rylee will get her six month shots so glad I will miss this appointment.

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  1. Those girls are so adorable!
    Rosilan Watts