Sunday, November 22, 2009

11 months

Another picture already??
Just chilling under the mirror.
11 month bear pics

Gross! huh! Jordan sucking out Rylee's secretions.

Thankful for these miracles.

She is this happy all of the time.
Rylee spending more time on her belly! Yea!
I love to watch them play together.
Feeding twins is alot of work.
Ride em Rylee!
Sleeping beauty!

The girls turned 11 months on Friday. We took Rylee to her routine check up at CMH Special Care Clinic on Wednesday and everyone is pleased with all her progress. She weighed in at 16 lb 4 oz and was 26 inches long. She has now doubled her weight since she has been home. I met with the Clinical Nutrition Specialist and she was amazed with how well she is growing. She could hardly wait to show me the growth chart. Rylee will be on the regular growth chart next month! She did say she was a fatty right when she was released and now she is just where she needs to be. She let us increase her feedings 10 ml and we can only increase 5 ml every other week until we go back in January. They want us to start getting her feedings to go over 30 minutes instead of an hour. I already have her at 45 minutes and she is doing great so far. This will make life alot easier for her as she is hooked up to her feeding pump 6 hours out of the day. I was very excited to hear that Rylee can have some birthday cake. They want us to start giving her some meats along with her other food. She is still just taking a few bites of her baby food and loves her little snacks. She has done a better job with her sippy cup with yogurt juice this weekend. Daddy got her to take 3 oz today. I think he has a new job. I am very frustrated with all of her feeding issues so I might let him take over. We also got the okay to stop all of her medication for her Rickets. She was getting three different medications that we had to give her every three hours. It seems weird not giving her these meds as we have been doing it since she has been home. She is still getting her prilosec and we started her on a vitamin. We are also giving her some of Jordan's formula to get her back on a regular preemie formula instead of her predigested formula. I received a response back from Rylee's ENT doctor after she looked at Rylee's video with her PMV (speaking valve) on. She stated that if we are still hearing noise when she exhales then she still has some narrowing going on in her airway. We need to pray that this is not happening or this could mean she would need surgery to open her airway up. I took Jordan to Lawrence yesterday for her 2nd H1N1 vaccination and she barely let out a cry. She is now done with all of her flu shots. Jordan is really starting to pull herself up to everything and is everywhere. Daddy did a little child proofing today so it may help keep her in-line. I took Jordan to our family Thanksgiving with my mother's side today and she just sat back and took it all in. She was very quiet and didn't quite know what to think of everyone. I had sanitizer in hand and we stayed in the corner to avoid all the other kids. I did get a little nervous when I heard all the other kids coughing. I did start to question my decision to take her with me, but now that we are home I am glad I got to take her with me. This was the first time that several of my family members has gotten to see her. I was very sad that we couldn't take Rylee and I am very much looking forward to the day that we can go out as a family and not have to worry about germs, colds, and the flu. I did have her on my mind alot while we were there. Daddy and her had a great day at home together. On my drive to the dinner I did alot of thinking of how thankful I am that I have two very precious daughters. We are so blessed. I even had horrible thoughts of what it would be like if one of the girls hadn't made it. Some close friends of ours just found out they lost one of their identical twin girls this week so please keep them in your prayers. We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  1. Kari, the girls are so cute. They have changed so much and it is hard to believe they are about to have a birthday. You are very blessed. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. They are so beautiful! Every time I'm out an about in the city I always wonder if I'll run into you somewhere!