Sunday, November 15, 2009

New teeth for Rylee

Check out the teeth!!

Can you believe the Raiders lost? We need Chiefs shirts.
Okay I broke out another one of their Christmas toys!! They love it.
I still can't believe these girls are all mine.
Rylee and daddy standing.
This is how I keep track of this girl. Put her in a box.

Daddy went shopping for these outfits in the boys section so I added the bow to girly them up.

Here is our big baby.
Jordan standing like a big girl.
Our pride and joy!

I'm stuck!!

Sleeping beauty

I just noticed today that Rylee's two top teeth are coming in. She hasn't even been fussy so I don't think it is bothering her too much. She already has her bottom two teeth so she is ready to start chomping down on some real food. The teeth she has coming in are a little yellow. We are thinking it is either from all the antibiotics she received or from all the vomiting she did for those first few weeks. It could also be because she was not on full feeds for several months and required TPN as her only source of nutrition. She is doing really well with her puffs, yogurt melts, and some other type baby foods. She did really good with the yogurt juice this week and even took 4 oz total each day. This weekend she hasn't been too interested in. It could be because all she wants to do is chew on it because of her teeth. Jordan still doesn't have any teeth yet. She is eating 4 jars of baby food a day and eats her cereal in the morning. Tiny K (infant and toddlers) didn't make it out this week as one of the therapist was sick so they just stayed away from us. The girls didn't seem to catch the cold that both Troy and I had last week. We didn't get it too bad, but still had a little dry cough going on. Rylee has an appointment on Wednesday at Children's Mercy special care clinic just for a routine check up.

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