Sunday, December 12, 2010

Last week of having two one year olds

I still can't believe the the girls will be two one week from tomorrow. We have had another week of more colds and viruses in our house. Rylee had a pretty bad week so I took her to the doctor on Thursday just to make sure her lungs sounded good and no possible ear infection. She has been really grumpy and that is unlike her so she had me worried. The doctor thought her lungs sounded fine and no ear infection. He was glad I brought her in and she is getting better everyday. I woke up yesterday with an awful sore throat and just felt bad. I am not sure what I have going on with me but it is not a pleasant feeling. We made the trip to the Bass Pro Shop yesterday to take the girls to see Santa. We didn't realize we would have to wait for over an hour to get our picture taken. By the time we got up to see Santa the girls were both pretty grumpy and wanted no part of sitting on his lap. We just did a family photo and called it good. My co-workers 27 1/2 week baby could use some extra prayers during these next few days as she is having some complications. She might have to have the PDA ligation that Jordan had done at 10 days old. I am hoping to go visit her and the baby once I start to feel better. c

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