Sunday, December 5, 2010


We had a week of nothing but colds around our house. Jordan woke up wheezing really bad on Tuesday morning so we gave her a couple of Rylee's xopenex breathing treatments and it didn't seem to help her. By the time I got home she sounded horrible and was really working to breathe. We got to the doctor's office and the PA was very concerned at first and mentioned hospitalizing her but once she was able to hear some good breath sounds in her lower lobes she felt comfortable sending her home. They had us do another xopenex treatment at the offce and then prescribed her zithromax to try to keep her from getting pneumonia. By Wednesday she was still really bad so I scheduled another appointment at the doctor. By the time I got home she was sounding much better and I questioned whether I should take her in or not. I decided to be safe than sorry. We waited in the sick side of the waiting room and after 40 minutes I decided it wasn't worth the wait and cancelled our appointment. I couldn't take sitting there with sick kids and trying to control a 23 month old at the same time. Since then she has done better each day. Rylee has had a little more of a runny nose these last couple days but no fevers so that is good. I woke up on Saturday morning with the same symptoms and not enjoying being sick. I figured the girls are safe with me around as they are probably the ones that got me sick to begin with. We are thinking the girls 3 Thanksgiving gatherings probably didn't help keep them healthy. It is still really scary seeing them get sick and have to work so hard to breathe. I was able to put our Christmas tree up on Friday and so far no broken ornaments. I didn't put all the ornaments so hopefully we will still have some left after this holiday season. The girls can say HO HO HO when you ask them what Santa says. I can't wait to see their faces on Christmas morning. We have a closet full of gifts that I know they will love. I have a prayer request for everyone. Our receptionist at my office went into premature labor this past week and delivered a 27 1/2 week old baby girl last night. It brought back a lot of memories with my delivery. She started out at Shawnee Mission Medical center like I did and then ended up at St.Lukes on the plaza where I delivered the girls. She was able to get some steroids so that will help the baby tremendously. It is still really hard hearing about other mommy's having to go through the same thing we had to endure with our girls. After hearing about other preemies it really reminds me how blessed we really are to have our girls with us.

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