Sunday, February 20, 2011

2 years and 2 months

The girls and I have enjoyed some days out of the house this weekend. On Friday I took them to a friends so I could meet up with the March of Dimes rep from St.Lukes NICU. I am going to start volunteering for the NICU and I am very excited about giving back to the organization that has done so much for us. We stayed around the house on Saturday and then today we went to Burlington to get our hair done by Aunt Kim and Aunt Kayla. We ended up having Rylee's hair cut like a bob and it looks so cute. The girls have missed their naps both days and did wonderful. Tiny K will be here tomorrow and she will just meet with the girls and our nanny. We are so thankful that Tiny K comes to our house and offers all the support. My mom really noticed how well they are talking on Monday and could even understand what they were saying. When the girls do something I don't approve of I always say "why". The other day Rylee dumped her plate out and after I said Rylee, Jordan said "why". Rylee will get her synagis vaccination on Wednesday morning and of coarse I am not looking forward to that appointment. We got the bill from our insurance company this week and last month's bill was over $12,000 for her January shot. This was before it had been processed yet. It is just amazing that the company can charge that much for one injections. I am hoping she only has one more shot after this week. Please keep the Kansas Department of Corrections Parole staff in your thoughts as we are facing some major lay offs in the upcoming months. The word last week is that 1/3 of our parole staff for the state is being cut. This is going to be a disaster for our department. I am really hoping and praying that I don't lose my job or our office doesn't lose too many officers. I am the one that has the girls on my insurance as Troy's is way too expensive. It has been a very stressful time for me.

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