Sunday, February 27, 2011


Troy got the pleasure of taking Miss Rylee to the doctor on Wednesday to get her synagis vaccination. We will be so glad when she no longer needs to get these shots as it is no fun for anyone. She weighed in at 25 pounds with all of her clothes on so we are thinking she weighs about 24 1/2 pounds. She is out weighing Jordan by 1 1/2 pounds now. She is drinking the pediasure pretty good so that is helping with her weight gain. I think we might start giving Jordan some to help her gain some more weight. The doctor let Troy know that RSV is really bad right now so he was glad he got Rylee in for her vaccination. Jordan woke up Wednesday morning wheezing and the doctor just wants us giving her some breathing treatments for now. She is still wheezing pretty bad and gets pretty bad when she is active. Which is 99 % of the time now. She is our wild child for sure! She wasn't too happy when she had to stay home with the nanny and Ry got to go out with daddy. She was very grumpy all day and our nanny thought maybe something was wrong with her as she is normally very happy. She gave her some motrin and then all was well. We have threatened her a few times this weekend with drugs but so far she is doing much better. I took the girls out in the yucky weather on Saturday to get some pictures with a photographer that we have used a couple times. She gets clothes from etsy sellers and then takes pictures for their on-line sites. We get the pictures so it works out good for us. The girls did pretty good for the pictures. They still don't enjoy being photographed too much but getting better. Tiny K was here on Monday and they did the visit with our nanny and from what I heard they were very pleased with our girls. They are even doing some stuff ahead of their age. They can identify shapes, colors, and have been counting really good. Rylee can count to 13 but leaves out 12 most of the time. I am just so proud of them. Hopefully Jordan gets rid of her wheezing and we can say put for the week. Troy's basketball season ended on Saturday and he had another good season.

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