Sunday, March 13, 2011

2 week post

I didn't do a post with pictures last week as I put the March of Dimes information up so I will make up for it this week. I am not sure where to even start. I did end up taking Jordan to the doctor a couple weeks ago as she was wheezing pretty bad for 6 days. It ended up just being upper respiratory and she was given steroids. She sounded much better after a couple days. She has had a lot of upper respiratory trouble during the past few months so not sure what is causing her trouble. Jordan hasn't been eating very good lately so I weighed her tonight and she only weighed 22 pounds. Rylee has been eating much better and weighs about 25 pounds. I can tell a difference when I pick her up compared to Jordan. I called the ENT clinic and we are just waiting on an appointment for April and then she will have her surgery sometime in May. We enjoyed a day out of the house on Saturday. I had to be in Emporia, Ks as my state basketball team was being recognized at the state basketball tournament. We decided to leave the girls at my grandma's as we didn't want to expose them to too many germs. We went to the local zoo and had a great time. My mom, sister, and nephew joined us and it was so much fun watching the girls just run around. They loved being outside and seeing all the animals. Troy and I left them at my grandma's house and then went and had a great time seeing friends for a few hours. Troy is on spring break this week so he is running daddy day care for a few days. My mom is coming to watch the girls on Wednesday as he has an appointment and then nanny MiMi will be back on Thursday.

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