Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jordan's 2 year coming home anniversary

Yesterday was Jordan's two year coming home anniversary. It doesn't seem like it has been that long since we brought this little girl home. She spent 96 days in the NICU and has had no major health problems since bringing her home. We do know that she has mild hearing loss in her right ear but won't be able to know the extent of the amount of loss until she is able to participate in a hearing test. Other than that and a few wheezing days here and there she is doing great. I like to sing "You are my sunshine" to her and she has started singing it when I pick her up now. It just melts my heart every time I hear her say it. I took both girls to the doctor's office on Friday for Rylee's last synagis vaccination and all went well. They both did very good while waiting for the nurse to call us back. I wouldn't let them off my lap and they couldn't understand why I wouldn't let them down to play. Rylee didn't enjoy her shots and neither did I. I am so glad these shots are over with. Rylee has an appointment with ENT on Friday at CMH and I think the doctor is going to scope her vocal cord area in the office and to make sure she is ready for her surgery. She is still pretty quiet and they want to make sure her vocal cords are moving correctly. She will have her airway surgery sometime in April to close up her stoma site. We will have to stay the night in the hospital so not looking forward to that part of the surgery. We will also go to her pre-op appointment to make sure she is good to go for her surgery. The picture with the three girls is from this weekend. We celebrated Addisyn's third birthday and Saturday and had a great time. She is only 9 months older than the girls and probably a foot taller! lol I included some pictures from the day we brought Jordan home.

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