Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

It is hard to believe that the girls will be 2 1/2 tomorrow. We had a great Father's Day today. We went to a family picnic and then took the girls to the Emporia pool and the girls loved it so much. They love the water so much and I think we will need to get them into swimming lessons soon. I took them to Melvern lake yesterday and had a hard time controlling the both of them by myself. We had the girls dentist appointments this past week and the girls were excellent. Jordan still doesn't have her two year molars yet and Rylee has about half of hers in so far. They both did really good and didn't even cry. Jordan still has a pretty high palate due to being on the ventilator for so long and she actually has a line in her pallet from the breathing tube. The big concern right now is just making sure it doesn't affect her speech. Rylee still has yellow teeth and we are hoping her permanent teeth come in white and not yellow. Her special care doctor once told me that she would still have a boyfriend and I shouldn't worry. This is the least of my worries right now. Rylee weighed in at 26 pounds this week and is 34 1/8 inches long. She is really doing a great job at gaining weight without the help of her gtube and pediasure. Jordan is still hanging around 24 pounds and is a tad bit shorter than Rylee. They are both under 5% on the scale so still keeping their short stature. We had the chance to get the girls into a good daycare here in Baldwin and both agreed that we are going to keep our nanny here in our home until the girls go to school. We are very glad that nanny MiMi has agreed to stick it out with us. She is wonderful with our girls and they love her very much. I included some pictures from last Father's Day to show how much the girls have grown. We are coming onto Rylee's one year trach free anniversary!

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