Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bee ginner preschool

The girls start school on Thursday and so far it has went much better than I expected. When we walked in the door Ry went right in and started playing with the toys and Jordy didn't get too far from me. I talked to the teachers just briefly and as Jordy was sitting down playing with play dough I walked out and no tears on either part. I came home to an empty house and just enjoyed my morning off from work. Troy came with me to pick them up and as they opened the door Jordy came running out with the saddest cry ever! She went right past me and straight to her daddy. The teacher let us know that she had a few sad moments and would cry for me and they would find something for her to do and she would be fine. I asked them today if they were ready for school and they both said "stay home". I think we are in trouble! It has been a long nice enjoyable weekend. Troy went on an overnight golfing trip and I went to Roeland Park, Ks yesterday to visit with my best friend from Fort Collins. I took the girls shopping for a little bit and that didn't go too well. All they want to do is shop for Thomas the train stuff. We are thinking about going to the Renaissance Festival tomorrow.

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