Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Webb girls

The girls have been to preschool 3 times now and so far so good. Jordan is still crying off and on during the day but the teacher said it was only during transition from one activity to another. I ran into to the assistant teacher on Thursday and she let me know that the girls are doing great. I guess Rylee is quite the know it all and answers all the questions. She was surprised that she knows all of her colors, shapes, numbers, and the alphabet. We are truly amazed with these girls. They are starting to talk in full sentences and I love it! We still haven't had much luck with the potty training. Rylee has went on the potty chair two times so far. We are not pushing it and just introducing it to them so hopefully one day they will surprise us with wanting to be potty trained.

Thanks Uncle Lee and Aunt Nancy for the feathers and tinsel. We were in Burlington yesterday and Aunt Kayla and Aunt Kim were very excited about getting the girls some feathers in their hair. They think they are pretty hot stuff.

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