Sunday, October 16, 2011


Rylee is continuing to heal great and we are noticing less and less pain with her tummy surgery. Her neck incision is looking great and her belly scar not so great. We are supposed to go back for a check up with both clinics on Friday but I am trying to get out of the visits so we don't have to make the hour drive to CMH. There is several other things I would rather do than spend a day at CMH. We went to Lebo on Friday night to watch my nephew Walker play football and they lost in OT which was very disappointing to watch. We didn't get home until 11:00 p.m. and then had the girls up early to go to the Maple Leaf festival so they could ride in their preschool float. It was a long day of walking around and getting through the crowds of people. We then went to KC to go to a birthday party for a triplet mom I volunteer at the March of Dimes with. The girls had a great time and came home and crashed. We went up to the Maple leaf festival again this morning and had breakfast and then this afternoon we went to the train depot and rode the train that goes right by our house. I am not so sure we should have started this as I do believe they will want to ride the train all the time. I am taking off on Tuesday and going with the girls to their pumpkin patch with the preschool and looking forward to seeing the girls interact with all their friends.

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