Sunday, October 2, 2011


We had a crazy busy weekend. I took both girls to CMH on Friday for Rylee's appointment with pre-op and all went well. We are still haunted with those yellow gowns and blue gloves due to Rylee having had MRSA. You wouldn't think that something so simple as a yellow gown would bring back all those horrible memories of her first few days. I have told the hospital several times that she has been cleared and has had several negative cultures but for some reason they want to get her nose swabbed out now. She will have to have 3 separate swabs before they can clear her again. I am hoping we are only at CMH a couple more times before we can say bye to that place for good. We went shopping for a little bit after the appointment and then came home for some late naps. We then went to my 16 year old nephew's football game and the game only lasted one half as they were winning 50 to 0. The girls had a great time and kept us all very busy chasing them around. I had a baby shower in KCMO yesterday so Troy stayed home with the girls and then I enjoyed an evening out as well. We ended the weekend with a trip to Cider fest in Louisburg and then went and did a little more shopping at the mall. The girls are really into shopping lately but all they want to look for is Thomas the Train stuff. Rylee is tentatively scheduled for 2:00 p.m. on Friday so please keep our little girl in your prayers as she has the final two surgeries related to her premature arrival.

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