Sunday, January 29, 2012

3rd Birthday party pics

I know I am a month late on getting pictures up from the big 3rd Birthday party that we had. Since my last post not much has been going on with us. Rylee ended up getting the stomach flu another time and Jordy came down with a cold and ear infection. She is still wheezing some so I am thinking we will be going back to the doctor this week. We went to Sesame Street Live on Friday with my mom, sister Kim, nephew Eli, uncle Chris, and the girls. I think four adults to three kids was a great thing. lol The girls had a great time and then we ate lunch at Fritz's train restaurant. We went to Emporia last night to see my nephew play in the LCL tournament and they won! The girls are now sleeping in big girl beds and are sitting in booster seats instead of their high chairs. In addition to these big transitions they are both doing really good with potty training. I am pretty sure Jordan has it almost down and Rylee just needs to be reminded to go more often as I don't think she has as much control as Jordan has. They are still wearing diapers for nap and bed time and for now it is working great. The big problem seams to be going to the restroom outside of the house.

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