Sunday, September 27, 2009

9 Month bear pictures

Jordan and her monkeys

Rylee with some wild hair and the I didn't do it look.
Best Friends

Jordan's arm stuck again.
Almost Jordan!

My sleepy Rylee.

Not a whole lot going on with the Webb family this weekend. We just enjoyed our weekend at home and had a nice visit with my sisters and nephews. We did have to contact our nursing agency on Friday to tell them not to send back one of the new nurses. She smelled Rylee's room up with her smoke stench and she couldn't stay awake. We didn't feel too comfortable with her so we would rather not have any coverage than to have her in our home. We didn't get much sleep while she was here anyways. Hopefully they can find us a new weekend nurse soon. We are losing some of our nursing hours so we won't have coverage on Saturday nights anyways. The girls are doing great. Rylee is sitting up very good and Jordan is just about ready to start crawling. The video below of Jordan is her crying every time her daddy would start singing. It was pretty funny to us, but not to her. Tiny K will be here this week to see the girl's progress with their feeding. They still are not eating a whole lot by mouth, but getting better at it everyday.

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