Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday update

I am this big!

Am I sweet or what?

Jordan asleep in the jumper again. This is how we get her to sleep. JK

Jordan watching Mickey Mouse. She sat up all by herself.
I guess she is too big for the glider now.

Jordan was trying to get to Maddie.
They are so big now.

Rylee and her lamb.
Jordan getting comfy in the swing.

We took the girls to the BHS football game on Friday night for an hour or so and had a great time. It felt so good to be able to take them out of the house besides going to a doctor's appointment. This is only the second time we have had them both out. Rylee wore her HME (artificial nose) and did pretty good as far as I good tell. They both loved just sitting in their jogging stroller and taking it all in. Don't worry we stood away from the crowd and had the hand sanitizer in their laps. We will probably start taking them for evening walks now that Rylee can wear her HME without too much trouble. It was a very relaxing week for the girls. The only thing we had going was Rylee's caseworker through her nursing program was here on Friday for our monthly visit. We have pediatrician appointments and their nine month developmental screenings on Thursday. I am anxious to see how much they have gained recently. Everyone that sees the girls thinks that Rylee is looking bigger than Jordan. We finally decided we didn't need to have Jordan on her apnea monitor at night anymore. She was having several alarms and it was hard to see if it was real or not. We do have her laying on an angel monitor which alarms if their is no movement within a few seconds. It is nice not having to put this monitor on her at night and having to worry if she is getting tangled up in the cords or not. I finally got to put a zipper sleeper on her and it is much easier than her button up sleepers. She still had the monitor on more for our sanity than for health concerns. She is still sleeping on her belly which is a huge risk for SIDS. We can't really control it now that she rolls around so much.

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