Sunday, July 25, 2010

19 Month Pictures

We have had a great week with the girls. We were able to go visit my sister at the Great Wolf Lodge yesterday and the girls had a blast. We were a little nervous about taking them and it was way better than we expected. They are not afraid of the water at all and I think they would have spent all day there if we would have let them. We are really sad that are day nurse is going to be leaving us sooner than expected as another family is needing her with them. We met nurse T while we were still in the hospital so she has been around Rylee since she came home. I am sure she is not going to have an easy time leaving our family. Our poor nanny is going to get to watch both girls and not have nurse T for company. The girls are a riot so I am sure she will be easily entertained. We have Tiny K here on Wednesday and then Thursday the girls will get their eyes checked at CMH. We are not looking forward to this appointment. They last had an exam in July of last year and it was possibly one of the worst things we had to see our girls go through. We went through months of them getting their eyes examined before they finally cleared them from ROP. After this appointment Jordan will have a hearing test to see if she has any further hearing loss.

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