Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mouth Breather

What a perfect day!!! Rylee's surgically repaired area has healed nicely. The opening was a little smaller than when we were at the hospital before but not bad. The tissue around her vocal cords was also a little soft so it make take a little while before she really gets to talking very loud. The doctor took out her trach and just put some gauze over the hole to absorb anything that might ooze out. She had another rough time coming out of surgery. We try to warn them but they never listen to us. Since then they have weened her off of the oxygen to see where her stats are on her own. She seems to be doing ok. If everything goes well through the night we will bring her home tomorrow.


  1. What a wonderful birthday present for grandma Diane. Hope all goes well through the night. As with the walking she will be noisy, noisy in no time and Jordan will have to learn Rylee's new sounds.

    Love to all of you,

  2. how awesome! What an exciting day for your family!