Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

A few 4th of July pics from last year.



It is feeling real weird to not be constantly on full alert. We couldn't leave the room that Rylee was in, we had to make sure she was moist enough, suction her airway to make sure she could breathe, and even just checked to make sure she still actually had an airway. That's not counting all the feeding issues that come into play and making mental calculations on whether or not she's gotten enough fluids or calories for the day. To put it as simply as possible: it was exhausting on the best of days. We can't be any happier around our house. Rylee is doing awesome without her trach and doesn't act like anything is different with her. She still isn't making much noise but that will just take some time. When she does cry it just about makes me cry too as it is so soft and it almost sounds like a little kitten cry. I still can't believe that my dream finally came true. As the doctor told us, we are not out of the woods yet but we are very hopeful all will be okay with Rylee's airway. We will take her back to the ENT doctor in two weeks and then they will schedule another bronch in four months just to make sure her airway is not causing her any problems. We took the girls to Leroy, Ks to celebrate the 4th with my family last night and we had a great time. Everyone was very excited to see Rylee without a trach. The girls are really keeping us on our toes. They had fireworks, rocks, dirt, and whatever else they could find in their mouths. I have tomorrow off so Troy and I are going to go enjoy the day together since we have our nanny and nurse coming. I think Troy is ready for some time off from the girls as he had them all to himself last week.

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