Sunday, September 19, 2010

21 Months

The girls will be 21 months old tomorrow. In 3 short months we will be celebrating their 2nd birthday. That is so hard to believe. We have had a rough week around our household this week. Rylee started having a fever on Monday and by Tuesday Jordan had one too. I loaded them up and took them to the doctor just to make sure they didn't have any ear infections. The doctor was glad I brought them in but he thinks they just had a virus of some sort. Rylee was very cranky all week and had a low grade fever up until Thursday. Jordan only had the fever on Tuesday but hers came back last night. She is still very sleepy and isn't her normal self. We are alternating motrin and tylenol and that seems to help once it kicks in. I am very glad we have our nanny here to take care of the girls otherwise I would have had to take off this past week from work. Thanks MiMi for taking such good care of our girls! Jordan has had to have a few bottles this week as she hasn't been drinking her fluids very well. I had to leave Jordan home today with daddy and Ry and I went to a family gathering in Americus, Ks. I think she enjoyed her day out with mommy. Jordan was not a happy camper when I took off without her. We celebrated daddy's 41st birthday yesterday with some yummy DQ blizzard cake.

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