Sunday, September 26, 2010

Renaissance Festival

We had a great weekend with our little girls. We were going to go to a pumpkin patch on Saturday but the weather didn't look that great so we just went to Wellsville Days. We watched a little bit of the parade and went to the petting zoo. We were able to see Ry's day nurse and nanny MiMi so that was great. We took them to the renaissance festival today and they didn't seem to scared of all the crazy people that were there. Jordan would just look the other way if somebody tried to talk to her. Jordan almost made a trip to the doctor but managed to break her fever just in time to stay home. I have a feeling it might be her 18 month molars breaking through. Rylee has an appointment with OT tomorrow at CMH so I am taking both girls by myself and that should be interesting. We are hoping they will let us start weaning the thickner. We know for sure she can't handle just straight fluid yet as she still coughs when she has some juicy fruit or if she steals a drink from Jordan's cup. Jordan is back to a night bottle of milk as she just isn't drinking enough throughout the day. We also have Tiny K coming tomorrow afternoon and we are looking forward to seeing our Mrs. Ashley.

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