Sunday, September 12, 2010

Busy Weekend

I had my first adventure out alone with the girls with no help on the other end of our destination. On Friday I had an appointment to go to in Lawrence and I took both girls with their leashes on. They were excellent during the appointment even though they did not like their leashes (harnesses). There is no way you can go anywhere by yourself with these girls without a double stroller or the harnesses. We then ventured to Olathe to the Old Settlers Days to meet my office out for lunch. They were behaving so well I decided to go reward them with some new clothes out at the legends. I used the double stroller for this adventure and it was a little difficult getting around the stores. The girls enjoyed pulling the clothes off the racks and taking the tags off. We took Saturday off and Troy started putting together the swing set and we just hung around the house. Today I took the girls to Burlington to see my parents and sisters and the girls had a great time even though this was the second day this weekend they have missed their scheduled naps. They are on a really good sleep schedule now and both go to sleep when you lay them down without fussing. Jordan hasn't had a bottle since Thursday and she hasn't even asked for it. She probably isn't getting the amount of milk she needs for the day but we are working on it. I am giving them a cheese stick at night to help with her lack of calcium intake. Rylee is still just drinking 4 to 5 ounces a day of her thickened pediasure and we are still giving her 8 ounces of pediasure and a few ounces of water thru her g-tube.

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