Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our little pumkins

I took both girls to Rylee's OT appointment at CMH on Monday and what an adventure that was. Her appointment time was right before nap time and then they stuck us in a really small room and with two toddlers, a double stroller and three adults it was a bit much for the girls. Jordan was so scared and just wanted held the entire time. Rylee ate a few bites of crackers but wouldn't eat or drink anything further. They want us to continue thickening her fluids and she is scheduled for a swallow study in February. They have us doing some other things orally with her to try to get her to chew more and to get a strong swallow. They weighed her and she has lost a few ounces and only weighs 21 pounds. They are a little concerned so we have to go back in six weeks to see if she has gained any weight. We are ordered to give her more snacks and offer all the fat she wants. She has been doing really good with her fluid intake this week. She actually drank about 14 ounces yesterday and then today she only drank about 5 ounces. We took the girls to the Cider Mill pumpkin patch in Louisburg today and it was great being out with them. It was very crowded and both girls did really good. They loved the cider donuts so we bought two dozen. Maybe that will fatten them up! I need to get their flu shots scheduled and other then that we are free for a few weeks. I am still waiting to hear back if they qualify for the synagis vaccinations this year. We are still paying for Jordan's synagis vaccinations from last year so not sure if we can afford it this year too. It will be nice knowing that if they come in contact with someone with RSV they will have less of a chance of getting really ill but on the other hand we would have to take them into the doctor's office every month. I really hate being in the doctor offices during the cold and flu months. We will let the insurance company decide for us if they qualify or not.

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