Sunday, November 21, 2010

23 Months

Our little girls turned 23 months yesterday and have been with us for 701 days. What a journey it has been. I took Rylee to CMH on Monday for her OT and nutrition appointment and everything went well. Rylee ate some snacks while we were there and even took a few drinks. We were given the okay to keep her home over the flu and cold season as she will be going to her pediatrician every 28 to 30 days. I will just keep the nutritionist updated with her weight gain. The nutritionist was amazed at how much Rylee has grown in the past six weeks and is gaining weight like she should. We are now only giving her 4 ounces of her pediasure and all her daily water through her tube and hoping she will start drinking more of her liquids. We can still give her more pediasure if we feel she didn't eat well during the day. It is really nice knowing she is doing most of her eating all on her own. I almost had a panic attack while we were in our appointment as they called a Code Blue alarm over the intercom. This brought back some bad memories that I would love to forget. I was so worried about the child as it was right next door to where we were. Troy came home Thursday afternoon with a sore throat and wasn't feeling well so he was confined to the bedroom and only let out with a mask. The girls thought it was quite weird and didn't know what to think. I need to get some adult mask in our house as all we have are pediatric Mickey Mouse ones and they were a little small for Troy. He started feeling better Saturday and we are hoping and praying our little girls don't get sick. We had Thanksgiving lunch today with the Phillips side and it was a great day. Rylee walked up to all the kids and waved Hi to all of them. It was really really cute and I can't wait to see her be able to play with other kids once cold and flu season is over with. Jordan is still pretty shy out in public but seems to be warming up more and more. We were scheduled for Rylee's synagis vaccination on Wednesday and minutes before walking out the door I called to make sure they had received it in our doctor's office and we were informed that it was not even shipped out yet. Needless to say I was not a very happy mommy. They got the paperwork straightened out and Rylee was able to get this vaccination on Friday. It was not too fun seeing her get these shots and the nurse hated it even more. The nurse and doctor were both very amazed at how far Rylee has come in just a short time. The doctor was not real comfortable with us taking Rylee to a huge family gathering but I just couldn't bear to keep her home. It is so nice just being able to leave our house without all the medical equipment in tow.

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  1. Hi, this is Jo, I can't believe how big the girls have gotten! They both look so happy. I'm so happy to see how great Rylee is doing. I wish you all a healthy, happy holiday season!!!