Sunday, November 7, 2010

19 Months Adjusted

The girls are now officially 19 months for their adjusted age. Rylee had her scheduled bronchoscopy on Thursday and her trachea is healing up nicely and has even grown in size since 7/1/10. The doctor was very pleased with her progress but did not want to close up her trach hole just yet. She wants us to get through the winter months and then we will schedule a surgery for this spring. She let us know that it is no simple surgery and there can be some complications. She will have to put stitches in her trachea and then keep her overnight to make sure that the stitches stay in place. If they were to come out she could get too much air on the outside of her lungs and cause it to collapse. We sensed that the doctor would like Rylee to get at least one cold this winter just to make sure she can handle it well. I am not so sure I am ready for her to get a chest cold just yet. They have both had a few running noses but never any chest colds. I hope we can make it through another winter without having to worry about them. The stronger their lungs get the better off they will be. Rylee didn't put on her normal show this time following her surgery. It did take her awhile to come out of the recovery room. One of the nurses said she just held her while she slept and then when she woke up she did not like all the IV's and monitors on her. She required some O2 for awhile so we had to stay a couple hours to get her weaned off of it. We just found out that Rylee qualifies for synagis (RSV) this year and I was very surprised that she qualified. I really wished that Jordan would qualify too since we will be taking Ry in for her shots every 28 days. The company is going to see what they can do to help us out with our insurance company. We are still paying for synagis from last year so financially it would be nice to not have to worry about it. We made the three hour trip to Sedan, Ks on Tuesday for Troy's aunt's funeral and the girls did very well. Several family members got to meet the girls and the service was very nice. The girls are very social and seem to be opening up to people very well. We went to Jordan's primary nurse Erin's wedding reception on Friday night and had a wonderful time. I was a little nervous about having the girls out late at night but they didn't seem to mind. They put on quite a show for everyone there. They danced until the crowd came onto the floor and then they started to crash. It was so nice to see a few of our favorite nurses at the reception. We don't have anything scheduled for this week and it is a nice break for me. Just when I think I am building my leave back up something else comes up and I need to take time off work.

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