Sunday, April 3, 2011

2 year adjusted birthday

Tomorrow the girls will be officially two years old for their adjusted age. My due date was 4/4/09 and they were born on 12/20/08 so that is why we still follow their adjusted age too. My mom helped me on Friday with both girls so Jordan didn't have to stay home alone. We started the day off in the ENT clinic and were there for 1 1/2 hours and that was very entertaining. It is not easy containing the girls in doctor's offices and they were a handful. The doctor scoped Rylee's airway with a camera and we were able to confirm her right vocal cord is not moving at all and is paralyzed. This could have happened from all her intubations, from her trach, or from her reconstruction surgery. The doctor didn't seem to concerned and I wasn't too worried until I came home and researched it. There can be a lot of complications from having a paralyzed vocal cord and they major one is aspiration. Rylee is still on thickened liquids and I will need to get with OT to see what their thoughts are on getting her off the thickened liquids. Our plan was to stop thickening her drinks this spring once cold and flu season was over but not sure what we will do now. The research also showed that she could have trouble speaking in sentences as she will not be able to get enough air and could also have trouble getting air while running, etc. We already know that she has a really soft voice and that part doesn't bother me. After not hearing her voice for 1 1/2 years I will take anything. Her voice does sound really cute. I am not sure how she will feel about this when she gets older. Rylee is scheduled for surgery on 4/20 to help get her airway to close. The doctor reminded me that this is a very serious surgery and we are not to take it lightly. She will have to stay the night at least one night and maybe two nights. She will have to go back another date to get the trach scar taken care of. The doctor kept calling it a pretty surgery. After this appointment we went to lunch at Manny's and then went back for Rylee's Pre Op appointment. Once we arrived the receptionist told us that she wasn't scheduled and we would need to schedule another appointment. Needless to say I wasn't too happy so they got us in within an hour. My poor mom got the pleasure of holding Rylee while they took her vitals and she does not enjoy this by any means. My mom was pretty shocked that something this simple upset her so much. It just goes to show how much she hates being in doctor's offices and hospitals. We took the girls to Overland Park today to get their pictures taken with a 6 day old lamb and a couple baby ducks. Rylee absolutely loved the lamb and we couldn't keep her away from it. She also wanted to hold the ducks but we quickly realized that the ducks would not survive the way she was holding them. I think she almost squeezed them to death. Jordan didn't know what to think of the animals and kept her distance. I am trying to get Rylee to tell daddy we need to move to the country so she can have some baby lambs :)

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  1. I can't believe how very far your girls have come! It's quite miraculous and I'm sure you treasure every moment! Hip hip hooray! Happy Adjusted BDAY!!!
    ---Lindsay Heard---