Sunday, April 17, 2011

Surgery week

Rylee will have her surgery at CMH on Wednesday. We will hopefully only have to stay the night one night and we will be sure to keep everyone updated as soon as we can. Please keep this little girl in your thoughts and prayers as any surgery on a medically fragile child is very scary. This will be hard on Jordan too as Jordan is Rylee's second mommy and she will not know how to act without her being here. Rylee is officially done with her pediasure and I took a picture of her last bottle. She is now drinking milk and probably needs a little more work in this area. She still has some junk in her lungs and I started giving her some mucinex to try and loosen it up. I don't want to have to postpone her surgery this week. We had our last visit with our caseworker that has been monitoring Rylee since she was in the hospital. It seems like we are really starting to just lead a normal life without all the preemie related issues.

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