Saturday, August 13, 2011


Thought I would post a day early as I am volunteering in the NICU tomorrow and it might be a long day for me. Troy and I took the girls to the Johnson County fair today and they had a great time seeing the animals. I am really going to have to get to work on Troy on getting a house in the country so we can get the girls into 4H when they get a little older. We are just relaxing this afternoon and waiting on our AC repair man to get here. Looks like we are going to have to replace our AC before the summer is over. Rylee's g tube site has completely closed shut so it is looking like she won't be getting any "pretty" work done on it. She asked me this morning "where did my button go?" She has also noticed her scare on her neck and gets upset and says "ouchy". I think she is wondering where all these scars came from. Poor little girl :( I am getting excited about them start pre-school in a few weeks. We have our Tiny K worker coming on Wednesday and then I am taking the girls to Worlds of Fun on Friday with some of my family. I hope the weather stays nice so we can enjoy ourselves.

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