Sunday, August 7, 2011


Yes, we are still around. I didn't get a post written last week and I did get verbally reprimanded by my uncle. Life just isn't as complicated as it once was for us and not much to say other than our girls are absolutely adorable and a huge handful at the same time. Rylee is doing fine without her feeding tube and seems to be a bit sad that it is gone. She will lift her shirt up and say "ouch". It still has some drainage coming out of the site but we are not even keeping it covered as it irritates her skin too much. I am sure we will have a few stained shirts after this all over with. We are supposed to call the surgery clinic in a few weeks and let them know if it is still draining and if it is not they will not do anything to the site. We are really wanting them to close it up as the area looks pretty bad. She already has enough battle wounds and I am sure she would appreciate it looking better when she gets older. Troy has been out of town since Thursday and I have handled the chaos without any major issues. I am just glad I have a lot of good meds! lol I took the girls to Burlington today to see my parents and sister and her family and we had a great time. We swam across the street at the pool and the girls loved it.

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