Tuesday, December 20, 2011

3rd Birthday letter

Rylee and Jordan-

As I think back to the day you were born, it's difficult not to feel the fear, the anger, or the excitement. I still have to think that there was some reason you were chosen to born so early. You were born months early and not fully developed, you never let that hold you back. You had to endure so much more than you should ever had to but you showed us just how strong you really are.

Jordan you had to have heart surgery, and Rylee you had to fight off one of the worse cases of MRSA that the NICU doctors and nurses had ever seen. We were even told that you were not going to survive. In the first months of your life you had to endure millions of heel sticks, several blood transfusions, tubes stuck down your throat, wires coming out of your body, and you had to grow and develop in a fake womb. It was hard to believe that you both would ever come home as healthy as you are now. After 96 and 138 days you both were finally home in our arms. You both are very determined and head strong little girls. It makes me so proud to think that you will carry that trait throughout your entire life. I know that for a fact because life will test you again and again. I hope that you will always be able to look back at your beginning and be reminded of just how strong and amazing you are.

Happy 3rd birthday to the best girls I know!!! Can't believe it has been 2 1/2 years since we brought you home as 2 bundles of joy thinking "Who on earth is letting us leave the hospital with babies on oxygen, monitors, g-tubes, trachs, meds and all that other preemie related junk, we have no idea what we are doing!"

Mommy loves you more than anything in this entire world.

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