Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bye Bye paci

We had our friend that dresses up for the santa in town come by before his gig at the station. We got our yearly pics with santa and then talked Rylee into giving him all of her paci's to take to all the other little babies. She did it willingly and then nap and bed time were not too much fun yesterday. She actually found one in her bed during nap so we had to hide that one and then she came out with one in her mouth later in the day. She actually went down for her nap really good today so I think we have succeeded with no more paci's. She has been extremely attached to her paci since the day the NICU gave her one. We always encouraged her to keep it in her mouth to keep her oral as she wouldn't ever take a bottle. Now we just need to work on potty training and getting out of cribs. I am in no way trying to make them grow up any faster than they already are but don't want to wait too long and regret it. They have shown a little interest in potty training but I can't seem to get them to actually go in the potty chair or toilet. Rylee has went potty twice but I think it was just a fluke that she actually went.

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