Sunday, June 7, 2009

24 weeks/ 9 weeks adjusted

The girls turned 24 weeks yesterday and it is hard to imagine they are going to be 6 months old on the 20th of this month. They both had their eyes tested on Thursday and have both grown out of the ROP, but still are not developed as they should at this point. They will be checked again in one month and then that will be our last eye appointment for awhile (thank god)! I don't know if I can continue to see them get checked again anytime soon. We have taken Jordan out with us a couple times recently and she does great. We went out to lunch, shopping and to a BBQ. Having one baby is a piece of cake!! We feel very guilty leaving Rylee at home with the nurse. We got permission from her doctor to take her to the St. Lukes NICU reunion next weekend and we are looking forward to going out as a family with no nurse with us. This will probably be the only outing we will have with her besides doctor appointments for a few months. We are really looking forward to showing the girls off to the NICU staff and I am sure they are going to love seeing the girls. These little girls have come along way since they seen them last. The last time they seen Rylee was when she was a very sick 4 pound baby. We should have our overnights covered except for Sunday nights. This will make life alot easier on us, as we will get sleep.

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  1. The girls are getting so big! They also get cuter and cuter. Looks like Troy has no problem relaxing with them! I am glad you are getting your nights covered. I am sure rest is not come by easily in your house. Love the updates!! Keep up the excellent work with those girls, it sure shows. They look like happy baby girls. Take care!

    Rosilan Watts