Sunday, June 14, 2009

NICU reunion

We attended the Saint Luke's NICU reunion today and had a great time. This will probably be our only outing for awhile, as it is a bit much for little Rylee. She still can't tolerate her HME (artificial nose) which helps her humidify the air. If she doesn't get humidified air her secretions become very thick and she could plug up her trach if we are not careful. It was great to see all the staff and we were really glad we got to see a couple of the girl's primary nurses. We were a little disappointed that only one of the doctor's was there. I met a lady that had quintuplets and one of her daughter's was trached for 18 months. She had subglottic stenosis just like Rylee has. This really gives me hope that Rylee will be able to get the trach removed next summer. I have been reading on-line and most of the babies that have trach's are over two years old before they get their trach's removed. The girls and I survived our weekend without daddy. Thanks to my mother I was able to have some help and even got a full night sleep. Our only appointment this week is at the Saint Luke's Children's spot for the girl's six month developmental screening. I can't believe they are going to be six months on the 20th. They turned 25 weeks yesterday (10 weeks adjusted).

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  1. The girls are getting so BIG!!! I know you are exhausted having both of them, it is so hard! I'm praying for you all the time! I'm glad to see that they are doing so well and I hope that you all will get to come down for a CORM reunion too!! HUGS!