Sunday, June 28, 2009

6 month bear pics

I posted the girls one month bear picture and then their six month bear pictures that I took this week. Jordan weighed 12 lb 6 oz on Thursday and Rylee weighed 11 lb 2 oz on Monday. I was a little shocked that Jordan is only a pound bigger than Rylee because she looks so much bigger. Jordan got her six month shots on Thursday and the doctor is really impressed with her progress. She will go back to the pediatrician next month and then she will not have to go back until she is nine months. We will go to the Children's Spot at Saint Luke's with her next week and this should be our last visit with this doctor. Both girls have eye appointments on Wednesday and we are not looking forward to going. This should be their last eye appointment for awhile. I only have two more weeks until I go back to work so I am trying to get everything done and put together before I go back. My doctor suggested I put up a web cam so I can see the girls during the day and I told him this probably wouldn't be a good idea. We are still looking for someone to come watch Jordan in our home once Troy goes back to school. We want to send out a very special first birthday wish to my nephew Eli. Only six more months and we will be celebrating our girls first birthday. I better get to planning now.


  1. They look so good! From my untrained eye, it looks like Rylee has Daddy's eyes and Jordan looks more like you. Cute!


  2. I can't believe how much they have grown. They are just precious. I know it will be hard for you both to go back to work. I can't imagine how you both must feel knowing you have to leave these precious babies.
    I am so happy they are doing so well.
    Cathy Gilges