Saturday, June 20, 2009

6 months

My babies are six months old today! I can't believe it has already been six months since their crash arrival. We are so proud of our little angels and love having them home with us. We have had a very good week and not much going on. They went to the Saint Lukes Children's Spot on Thursday for their six month developmental screening and so far everything is going well with them. We were told that they could not see any signs of cerebral palsy at this time with either of the girls. This is a very common disability that develops with preemies so we will just have to keep a close watch on the girls. They were very pleased with the progress that they have made in their short little life. They both even showed them how they can smile too. Of coarse we were told to watch their preemie heads and to start doing more exercises with them so they don't get too stiff. Jordan's head is really flat on the side and Rylee's is getting flat in the back from laying on her back so much. We need to do more tummy time with Rylee, but it is so hard with her trach and her g-tube that sticks out pretty far. Jordan is really starting to laugh a little bit when she smiles at us and it just melts my heart when I hear her sweet little voice make sounds. It is becoming very hard to not hear Rylee make the same sounds knowing that if she could she would be laughing right along with her sister. She definitely talks with her eyes and loves to smile when you talk to her. We have a busy week this week with two doctor's appointments and tiny k coming to our house for developmental screenings. Troy will be enjoying his first Father's Day at home with his girls tomorrow. We enjoyed a visit from Grandma Webb and Great Aunt Elaine today.


  1. they babies are precious! Congrats on the 6 month milestone!

  2. Hope you all had a good first Fathers' Day. The girls just melt my heart - they are so cute. The eyes and those lashes! Look out! Hope you guys are all hanging in there and enjoying eachother. Sorry I missed you on the phone this weekend. Let's catch up soon. Take care.

  3. Boy has time flown by. But what cutie pies you have!!! Hope they are still wanting to be held -- oh darn-- they want to be spoiled more. You both have done a great job. Keep the updates coming. Give them some hugs and kisses from us.

    Kathy and Danny