Sunday, August 16, 2009

8 Months

The girls will be eight months old on Thursday. I still can't believe they are this old already. We have had a great weekend at home. We still haven't adventured out anywhere with the girls because Rylee still can't tolerate her HME (artificial nose). I think I spoke too soon about her bottle progress. She has decided this weekend that she no longer likes them. It has me pretty frustrated because she was doing so good. Jordan had a great week with her nanny and everything went well. She did develop some allergies and has been pretty miserable all week. We are hoping she can get by until we go to the doctor on Thursday.

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  1. Sorry to hear Riley isn't psyched about her bottles. Since you know she knows how to do it, it sounds like you're up against that "battle of the wills" thing. I can hear her thinking..."You want me to work for that full belly? Seriously, why in the world would I do that? Um, no thanks". Since she's a little too young for the "I'm the Mom and I say so" line, you'll have to do just what your quote says.. Stay positive, and like you said, 24hrs at a time!