Sunday, August 30, 2009


Jordan!! That is not very nice.
Our sweeties cuddling in Jordan's bed.
I had it first!
The girls sharing their toy.

Yes, that is drool on Jordan's shirt.

All three of our girls.

1st time for green beans.

We have had another good week and not much going on. We are just trying to keep our ladies free from the swine flu. I have only lost a little bit of sleep just thinking about ways to keep them safe. I went to Target today in Lawrence and probably sanitized my hands 100 times while I was in the store! We went to CMH on Friday with Rylee and she is kicked out of the Occupational Therapy for now. She didn't want anything to do with a bottle and kept gagging when I was feeding her cereal and peas to her. She is doing pretty good with her green beans and peas so far at home. Neither of the girls like the cereal so I might start adding some fruit when they can start getting it added to their diet. The OT therapist is confident that we can meet Rylee's needs through Tiny K (infant and toddlers) so she isn't making us come back. I thanked her for not making us come back because just being in the hospital sends me into a frenzy! Thankfully Nurse T keeps me in check and takes care of the both of us. We don't go back to CMH until October with Rylee. We do have their 9 month developmental screenings at Saint Lukes and their pediatrician appointments in September so that will keep us busy. Tiny K comes to our house about every other week so that keeps us busy too.

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