Sunday, March 14, 2010

Almost 15 Months already

Rylee and her best friend Maddie.

This is Rylee's new sleep position. Not a good thing with a trach.

Jordan loves to steal Rylee's pacifier! Well, it did used to be her

Rylee's new swim hat.

Standing and taking a few steps still.

Rylee is in the time out basket.

I know it is a bit bleary. I haven't figured out my dang camera. I just loved her face on this picture.

We went for a walk last Sunday and enjoyed every second of it. I can't wait for the nice weather to get here.

Thanks to Darla Peters Photography we were able to get the girls' pictures taken today in our home. I can't wait to see them and the girls did very good. Rylee was the ham today and gave up alot of cute smiles. Jordan wasn't real thrilled with getting her picture taken, but we were able to get some really good ones of her. I forgot about the time change when I scheduled the time so they had to take an earlier nap and it didn't last too long so they were both pretty tired. Not alot going on this week with the girls. We had our speech therapist through Tiny K here on Wednesday and she video taped the girls eating. Rylee put on quite the show! The girls are both eating really good lately. Jordan hasn't taken much from her sippy cup, but every now and then she will take some good drinks. That is pretty much how Rylee is with her bottle as well. Rylee is now on all pediasure and seems to be tolerating it well. We will leave Jordan on her high calorie preemie formula until she is one year adjusted and then we will probably just add carnation instant breakfast to her milk. I can't wait to get rid of the formula that is for sure.

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