Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jordan's first bottle one year ago today

This is Jordan tonight holding her bottle during the entire feeding for
first time. It only took a year!

This is Jordan one year ago today.

She has the exact purple outfit in the post below but this is a
newborn size and the one below is a size 12 month.

One year ago today Jordan finally got her first bottle. It took some work for her to get to this point but as soon as we put the bottle in her mouth she sucked it down like nothing. This was even with thickner added to it. We were so proud of our little girl on that day. I know several of the NICU staff was just as impressed as it is usually a struggle to get micro preemies to drink from a bottle.

This is the post from one year ago today about Rylee:

Rylee's x-rays have shown that she has a few broken ribs...prob
ably from chest compressions. They are worried about her having brittle bones. They are going to add some calcium and phosphorus to her feedings to try and help her with this. Her lungs still have some dark areas that concern them. They think with good nutrition and time these will heal. How much time is the question. They are not going to start the roids until she is ready to come off of the ventilator which may not be for a couple of weeks depending on when her lungs clear up. It doesn't sound like she is anywhere near coming home.

We will be going over to Jordan to do the swallow study. Hopefully we get some good news over there to balance out the not so good news from here.

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