Sunday, August 15, 2010

Double Trouble update

We have had another great week with the girls. Only one appointment this week with Tiny K and that was it. Our appointments are finally starting to slow down. Troy started back to school on Thursday and our nanny is now working full-time with both girls. All is going well with us. Rylee is eating like a champ! I actually stopped her tonight at dinner as she kept eating and eating and eating. She even ate most of Jordan's meal. She is drinking some liquids by mouth but not enough to get her by for the day. We are still seeing much improvement though. The hard part is keeping Jordan's sippy cup away from her as she thinks it tastes better than hers. We still have to put so much thickener gel in it that it looks like yogurt. She does get a few drinks out of the bath water when I am not quick enough with her and no major troubles yet. We went to a birthday party yesterday with the girls and they had a blast in the water slide. These girls are not afraid of water that is for sure. They even went down the big slide and thought it was pretty awesome. I think we shocked some people when we actually let them do this. They are really becoming very social when we take them out of the house. I am not looking forward to going on lock down during RSV season. A friend of ours came over and took some pictures of the girls at Baker University and it was a lot of work getting them to give us some good shots. I think the camera scared them and they were not enjoying the paparazzi feeling. I can't wait to see the pictures. We won't have too many of the both of them as they both took turns with crying.

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