Sunday, August 1, 2010

Topeka Zoo

We decided to take the girls to the Topeka Zoo on Wednesday as it was Rylee's day nurses last day. It was a little warm so we didn't stay too long. The girls enjoyed seeing the animals and Jordan liked feeding the goats. Rylee didn't give up the food and decided it tasted too good to feed the goats. We were very sad after our nurse left and it is going to take some getting used to around here. Rylee isn't going to know what to think when she doesn't show up the same time that the nanny gets here in the morning. We are very glad she no longer needs a nurse to care for her but this is not easy saying good bye. We will say good bye to her primary night nurse the end of the month and that isn't going to be fun either. We enjoyed a BBQ over at some friends house yesterday and today my mom and sister came for a visit. Aunt Kim trimmed the girls hair and we had fun dressing my nephew up in a dress. We put some dresses on the girls and he kept saying he wanted one so I broke out a bright pink one for him. I think he will hate us when I break these pictures out in a few years. Rylee has an appointment with the special care clinic on Wednesday and other than that we are appointment free for the rest of the week. Jordan had a follow up hearing screening on Thursday and not much has changed since her last screening six months ago. We won't take her back for a year as they need her to be developed a little more to get an exact diagnosis of her hearing loss. Their eye appointments got re-scheduled and this did not hurt my feelings. It would have been nice to have them on the same day but I was not looking forward to taking them. Please keep nurse T and Rylee in your thoughts tomorrow as it is going to be a hard day for the both of them.

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